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My ex-boyfriend is dead, and I was there when it happened.

Even worse, he was about to propose to another woman at the beachfront cafe where I bartend. But that’s the least of my worries. After borrowing money from a loan shark to pay my mom’s medical bills, I’m dead broke. But now the loan shark wants a return…or else.

After all that excitement, what I need is a tequila sunrise. Too bad I’m terrified to make drinks in front of an audience. I now bartend after my acting career was cut short by stage fright. And that’s not like it’s putting on a show with people watching…

There’s also the matter of a handsome newcomer to the small beach town who I am dangerously close to falling in love with. But my heart might be shattered when a lost puppy almost drowns.

Did I mention that the loan shark was my ex-boyfriend? And now I’m getting threatening letters from beyond the grave, which is impossible. I did see him die, right?